We are a chancellery offering services with regard to accounting, staff and business consulting. We specialize in book of revenues and outgoings, accounting books, lump tax accounting, tax statements, settlements with Social Security and PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled).

We offer complex personnel and payroll service, we clear up arrears from previous years. We participate on behalf of the taxpayer in tax inspections, both at the client's and in our office.

We reach beyond standards by helping in preparing credit applications and retirement applications, in obtaining subsidies and establishment of businesses. We care a lot about optimizing taxes.

  • scope of services

    Our accounting office offers a wide range of services   Read more »

  • Credit applications

    Money is a very important tool in business. Very often, businesses make use of credits. The Office grants support in obtaining loans.   Read more »

  • Financial support

    The Office employs professional specialists in human resource affairs. We can help in obtaining grants from PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled).   Read more »